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About Us

About Us

Viking Customs

If you are looking for a place where you can forge bonds between you and your machine while also being part of a larger uncaged community, Viking Customs is the place to be. At Viking Customs, we have created an extraordinary bike shop that transcends biker stereotypes, a place where you can have fun and excitement, while meeting other authentic people who enjoy the open road as much as you do.

Come get a quick haircut at our barbershop or some meaningful ink at our tattoo parlor (opening soon!), AND get some custom work done on your bike or some bike gear while you are here. You can also enjoy some shop talk with the three of us owner / motorcycle enthusiasts and whoever else may be around at the time. Have a local business that needs retail space? Come join our community by adding your products to our storefront on the busiest street in Fort Lauderdale.

Whether you ride a fully tricked out Harley or an off-the-lot Goldwing, we are the place for you to come for maintenance, custom work, and meeting others who share your passion in the local area. Don’t have a bike yet? Don’t worry- we have some of those for sale! We hope to see you at our events, such as Hogs and Dogs Day, where you can ride in with your furry friend and you both can enjoy a playdate with others who love to ride. Remember, if life is a destination, you should definitely enjoy the ride. So, ride down to Viking Customs for all things motorcycles in Fort Lauderdale today.